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INSULADD – What Is It?

Insuladd is a unique blend of ceramic microspheres designed to be mix into ordinary house paints and reduce heat gain (heat absorption) and heat loss in your home.

Microspheres What does Insuladd Do?

Insuladd will greatly reduce heat loss (heat absorption) and heat gain from your home by decreasing the AMOUNT of heat that is absorbed by the walls, ceilings and roofs of your home. Insuladd will reduce heat absorption and keep heat out during the summer by making your house paint act as a heat barrier or radiant barrier. During the winter, it greatly reduces heat loss from your home and prevents it from migrating through your homes walls and ceilings and escaping to the cold outside air.

Insuladd has been in use for a decade and sold worldwide. Contractor tested and homeowner approved, Insuladd is completely safe and very simple to use.

Insuladd has been tested by worldwide facilities such as the Climatic Test Branch of the U.S. Missile Command, Pratt & Whitney Aerospace, The Korean National Construction Institute, and The Municipal Government and National Railroad in Tokyo, Japan.

Insuladd has been successfully used for such diverse applications as on a U.S. Navy Arctic Research Vessel, Oil storage tanks in the Middle East, Metal shipping containers, factories and warehouses.

Insuladd can reduce heat absorption and has proven to be able to save homeowners more than 20% off their normal heating and cooling costs!

INSULADD – Using anything less just doesn't make sense!
The Original and most trusted Insulating Additive for House Paint!
Over a decade of proven performance and customer satisfaction.

Lifetime warranty with Insuladd Queensland
Reduces your home energy demands
Creates a more comfortable living environment
Simple and easy to use
Safe and non-toxic
Keeps you warmer in winter
Keeps you cooler in summer
Does not affect application of paint
Lifetime warranty
Never stops working
Pays for itself
Reduces heat transfer